The vast majority of users like to customize their devices. So that they have a different touch that differentiates them from others. We know that in the Microsoft operating system we can establish an image presented as a background. But did you know that you can use an animated wallpaper in Windows 10? we teach you how.

And, there is nothing better than an animated wallpaper in Windows 10 to surprise your friends with a totally different wallpaper. That makes your PC or laptop look like a mobile phone. Of course, this option does not come standard in Windows 10, so you have to use an external application.

There are several solutions to add an animated wallpaper in Windows 10, but the one we liked the most is RainWallpaper, mainly because this software is totally free and compatible with any device that works with Windows 7 or higher, so it is more than Probably your computer is compatible. Keep reading- The best free applications for Windows 10

RainWallpaper allows you to create your own animated wallpaper in Windows 10 animated wallpaper

This free program, which has an approximate weight of 100 megabytes, has four different dynamic wallpapers, in addition to the possibility of installing new live wallpapers in Windows 10 through the active group that is in Deviant Art. Say that this software is compatible with different screen formats (16: 9, 21: 9, 16:10, 4: 3) and can be used in systems with dual monitor, so it is a really interesting option.  animated wallpaper

To this, we must add the fact that we can add sound to our animated wallpapers in Windows 10. In addition to mute or pause them if we want to have more power in the computer. The interface is quite simple because with a simple click we can convert any video that is compatible. Accepts the formats mp4, WebM, avi, m4v, MOV, WMV, in a dynamic screen background in a really simple way.

The best thing is that we can create our own animated wallpaper for Windows 10 with a little patience. Using a video that we have recorded, different images. Or working our own wallpaper in motion for the Microsoft operating system. Of course, as expected. We must bear in mind that this program consumes a lot of RAM. So it is ideal if we want to work on the computer. But it is best that you deactivate this software when you are going to execute applications that require many resources, especially hardcore games. Finally, we leave the link to download Rain wallpaper to use an animated wallpaper in Windows 10.

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