Optimizing your e-commerce site requires improvements at all levels. From Google to shopping cart, every item needs to be thought out so that the user is convinced by your site and your product in order to entice him to buy. Let’s find out how to improve the conversion of his online store. We share how to increase the conversion of its e-commerce site.

Here are the tips how to improve the conversion of its e-commerce site

Know your targete-commerce

The first thing is naturally to know who you are talking to. This will impact your speech, the ergonomics, the design of your site.

If your target is young, you can focus on the familiarity to establish a friendly relationship with your customers. You can play with bright colors, animations, etc.

On the other hand, if you sell high-end watches, your site will have to be sober, classy and deliver a more expert speech.

Manage your SEO tagse-commerce

These are the first elements that the user will see from your shop. By doing his research on Google, he will discover your title, which must be optimized SEO and incentive, but also your description which must convince him that you have the product he is looking for. Continue reading- How to know what Facebook knows about you

Treat your product sheet

This is where everything is played out. By visiting this page, the user must know all the characteristics of your product, the price must be visible and you must heal your photos. In the world of fashion, it is recognized that it takes a lot of photos to show all the details. This approach really improves the conversion of its e-commerce site.

Allow leaving notices on productse-commerce

In the age of opinion, buyers need to know the opinion of other buyers on the product they covet to be reassured. Let your customers put comments and above all, do not hesitate to encourage them to do so through email campaigns.

Optimize the customer journeye-commerce

The user is impatient. He must find what he is looking for very quickly. If you lose it during a too complex navigation, if the route between the landing page and the payment page is too long, you risk making it run away.

Improving the conversion of its e-commerce necessarily means improving UX ( user experience ).

Do A / B testinge-commerce


Finally, do not go headlong while waiting to sell. The A / B testing allows you to see what converts. The product sheet is the typical page for performing these tests. Change the layout of your page, leave as is for a while and compare against the previous layout. You can also run tests on your homepage if you see that your bounce rate is too high.

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