Four simple steps will allow you to discover in detail the information stored by the social network. You can check what Facebook knows.

The scandal that for several weeks shakes to Facebook after discovering that the company Cambridge Analytica obtained irregularly the data of millions of users of the social network has multiplied the interest to know what information exactly has its users the technological giant captained by Mark Zuckerberg.

Today we are all aware that social networks know in detail everything we do. From our daily habits to the relationship with our friends, our preferences, our family ties … However, we may not know how far the capacity of the technology companies for knowing the smallest detail about our lives. Keep reading Facebook knows

In the case of Facebook, its ‘infiltration’ in the lives of its users reaches such a point that more than one may come to be surprised by the number of details that this social network stores on us. Know in detail what Facebook about us is not complicated. In this sense, a simple process in three steps allows us to know the data about our person stored by the company of Zuckerberg. We tell you how:

1) First of allwhat Facebook knows

We must go to the configuration tab of the general menu. You can check what Facebook knows.

2) In the lower area

We will find the option “Download a copy of your information”. Continue reading- Tips to Avoid Scams In Second Hand Stores

3) The system what Facebook knows

The system will direct us to a page that will offer us the possibility of creating the file with our data. By clicking on the link. You will inform us that the data is being collected and that once the process is finished you will be indicated by an email. That will be sent to our email address associated with Facebook. You can check what Facebook knows. Keep reading

4) When we receive this email

A link will allow us to access the download. Before, as a security measure, we must enter our Facebook password again. This message also states that it is “a copy of the personal information you have shared on Facebook,” including “private wall posts, photos. And profile information.” In the same message, it is clarified that “for security reasons” that link will only work for a few days once sent.

The download includes a compressed file with several folders and an html file where we will find detailed information about us. But also about our friends, including their first and last names and even their phone numbers.

In addition, we will also have access to publications, photos, and videos that we have shared. Messages and chat conversations, records of calls made and received, changes in the states of my account. The browser used, the IP of the devices from which they uploaded videos … The level of detail is such that in the case of photos. For example, we can even know the model of the camera with which the images were taken. In short, a multitude of extremely detailed information that will probably surprise you. You can check what Facebook knows.

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