Some SEO tools to position a website that is also free. Although there are many tools to position web pages most are paid and very expensive. However, there are some free options that can really be very useful. In recent years the obsession with positioning on the Internet has led to the emergence of numerous SEO tools. However, the vast majority tend to have a very high price. So expensive are many freelances or small businesses cannot access them. That’s why we wanted to collect some of the best SEO tools for free and that we can use online without losing the house for it. Having a web page or blog does not only require publishing quality content on a regular basis. We must ensure that all the elements that make it work are working properly and at maximum performance.

Maybe the best SEO tools for free

Although there are many and varied tools to position a web or blog, here is a small selection that can be of great help to the SEOS that are dedicated to search engine positioning:

1.Neil Patel

The well-known online marketing guru Neil Patel incorporates a tool in his website to perform complete web page analyzes. It also has another very interesting and powerful keyword analysis tool. It is known as Ubersuggest. And all for free.

2.Broken Link Checkertools

One of the most common mistakes that many websites make is in accumulating broken links. A tool to check broken links totally free. In just a few minutes you will have a complete list of which you can start to correct errors on your website. Continue reading-”


Another tool to find words with SEO potential. Although it is paid you can use its free version that offers many options. It can be used without registering, but better by registering. You will be able to use it more times.


One of the best free SEO tools you’ll find. Although it is paid, we can partially take advantage of its full potential with the free version. If you convince us we can already choose to buy the much more complete PRO version.


One of the most interesting online positioning tools that exist. And also curious has great potential. Try to discover the questions that users ask on Google. A true treasure for online marketing masters.

6.Beam Us Uptools

A powerful program for free SEO and really very complete. It’s surprising that it’s free. With this software, you may find errors on your website that you did not even know were there or that no other program would have located it. For finding some but there is no version for OS.


Another program to position web pages similar to the previous and much better known. Although it is paid with the free version you will have enough for small websites or blogs because it has a limit of 500 URLs.


Maybe it’s a bit old-fashioned but it’s an ideal tool to locate keywords in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon.


It is not a positioning tool itself. However, it offers a unique feature but very effective. It allows checking if a website is down or not. The utility is that you can check if the site is not working just for you or for everyone. Sometimes it happens that there is a lot of time when a website does not work in one place, but it is working perfectly in other regions. With this tool, you can check if your website is working for everyone or not.

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