Purposes such as getting fit, saving money and improving work are easier to meet with the help of mobile applications

New Year New Life. At the beginning of a new year, there are many people who set goals of all kinds, from losing weight to finally get a much-desired job. And as in many other aspects of life, technology can help to move towards those goals. In this article, seven mobile applications are collected that facilitate this task: from apps to get slim to others to be able to organize or improve personal relationships.

The beginning of a new year is a crucial moment. Why? Because it is the ideal date to take stock of the previous year, both the achievements and the aspects to be improved, but above all to raise new challenges. There are goals and purposes of all kinds: related to health, work, personal aspects … But sometimes it is not easy to organize and motivate yourself to meet these objectives. It is useless to set goals if you do not work every day to reach them, overcome them and establish new ones. And what better way to undertake this personal struggle than with technology as an ally and the wide range of apps offered as a weapon:

1. Best Apps to lose weight: Nitric

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Lose weight or lose a few extra pounds is one of the most common purposes that arise with the beginning of the year. This task requires not only willpower, but also perseverance, good planning and, in this case, the help of the mobile phone.

A very interesting app is Nootropic. Allows you to write down the objectives marked in terms of weight reduction and obtain statistics on the evolution of the process. In addition, it has a glossary that answers questions in real time.

2.Best Apps to bring a good diet: Fooducate

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Losing weight goes hand in hand with eating well, that is, following a balanced diet. It is essential to know what quantities of food the body needs, what kind of nutrients (vitamins, proteins, etc.) and how to obtain them in the right way.

For this, one of the most popular and awarded nutrition applications is called Fooducate. It is useful to count calories, but also to analyze the properties of each meal and select personalized diets based on age, sex, physical activity, etc.

3.App to exercise: GYM Trainer

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If what you want is to be in shape, not only enough to take care of the diet, but it is also essential to exercise. The options are multiple and range from outdoor sports such as running to opting for team games such as football, going to the gym or doing exercises at home.

A good complement for this is GYM Trainer, an application that allows you to consult very varied exercise routines. But, in addition, it acts as a community where its members share doubts, advice. And ideas to practice sport in a more effective way.

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4.Best Apps to organize tasks: Finish

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Looking to 2018, another interesting goal may be to try to better manage time and organize better. Either at work or with personal tasks. Applications like Finish are very useful to record pending tasks, schedule work routines and receive notifications and reminders to leave nothing undone.

5.App to save: Splitwise

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Another very important point is to learn to better manage the economy itself. That is, try to better organize expenses and save. There are many applications to control and distribute expenses in the best possible way. But some like Splitwise go further and make it possible to keep track of debts between friends, family or roommates.

6.App to improve personal relationships: InTouchApp

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Unfortunately, the lack of time means that sometimes people are not as much in touch with their friends and family as they would like. It may even be that, at times, certain dates such as birthdays or anniversaries are forgotten. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to trust an application such as InTouchApp to remember those important moments.  And take time to make inquiries and chat, and thus not lose contact with loved ones.

7.Best Apps to disconnect: Take a Break!

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But sometimes, you just need to disconnect, forget for a moment about tasks, obligations, jobs, and purposes. That is, take time for yourself, relax and keep your mind blank. The Take a Break app! It uses sweet melodies and sounds of nature to help put stress aside and take a break.