Whether you own a business or work for someone else, the decision to return to school in order to earn an MBA is a daunting one. While you will certainly not be alone, as Fortune reported in 2014 that this postgraduate degree is the most popular in the country, there are many obstacles that may be standing in your way. Between work, home, and school, your time management skills will probably be stretched to the limit. However, there are a few technology shortcuts and resources that may help you keep it all balanced until you earn your degree.

1.     Take Advantage of the Cloud

MBA classes tend to move swiftly, and you will probably have to take down a lot of information in a very short time during each class period. Today’s laptops and 2-in-1 tablet/laptop combos are a common site in the classroom because of their note-taking features and even if you opt for online classes, such as those currently available at WSU Online, creating, editing, and sharing school documents can be done with ease on the cloud. In most cases, all changes are saved automatically. Consider using Google Docs or Buzzword for free document creation and editing services.


2.     Create a LinkedIn Account

If your goal is to get a better job with your MBA, then you should consider creating an account on the professional site LinkedIn. This site, which allows professionals from all walks of life to connect with each other and lets you upload resumes, photos, and more, is one of the most comprehensive networking resources available today. Many business owners recruit with the help of LinkedIn, so if you want to get your name and face out there, this is a simple and free way to accomplish it.

3.     Do Not Overshare on Social Media

While taking MBA classes online can be convenient and allow you to learn at your own pace, they might also offer moments of frustration. Venting about your classes on social media might be tempting; however, you may want to curtail how much you complain. Many employers check out prospective employees’ social media pages before they hire, and if you are pegged as a complainer or a negative individual, you may be passed up by a company that does a great deal of its hiring online.

4.     Use Tech to Manage Your Money

While learning about financing and money management for your business may help you get the most out of your online mba degree, there are a few apps that can help you keep track of your school and business funds before you graduate as well. This can be especially helpful if you have separate accounts for each and need to track where money is transferred and when. Budgeting apps like Mint can offer you a comprehensive look at all your finances, including credit card spending, at a glance.

Juggling work, family, and the rigorous work that earning an MBA requires can be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever perform. However, with the help of some useful technology that is no further away than the click of a button, the chance of meeting all your goals can only increase.

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