With the arrival of the new year and the resolutions, it is necessary to organize more than ever to be able to reach everything. The beginning of the year is a good time to start doing what you have been postponing and continually delaying, so we bring you the best calendar apps that will help you to order your priorities and achieve your goals.

Not all calendar applications are the same and each one is better organized in one way or another, so we bring different types of calendar applications for your day to day, so you can put them to the test and decide which is the better in your case.

# 1 Oneviewbest calendar apps

A minimalist design application that allows you to see at a glance (hence its name) everything you have to do in a week or a month. You decide the time you see on screen expanding or decreasing by making the classic clip movement on the screen of your smartphone.

As you zoom in you see the detail of the events of each day and each hour, while if you zoom out you can see even the events that you have in several months of the blow.

# 2 Google calendarbest calendar apps

Among the advantages of the Google calendar, we must mention the integration with the entire Google suite. So it is synchronized with other tools such as Keep or Tasks (or Tasks). In addition to creating traditional events, you can create reminders and goals. It is one of the best calendar apps.

The option of ‘objectives’ is very interesting because when you indicate the periodicity with which you want to do it a week the calendar itself, depending on the events and routines you have, shows you which is the best day to advance with those objectives.

# 3 aCalendarbest calendar apps

A luxury interface with a multitude of customization options. Sliding left and right you can expand or reduce the time range you see. So it allows you to navigate your calendar in a very intuitive way.

# 4 Moleskinebest calendar apps

The famous brand of notebooks and organizers has created its own calendar app. If you are one of those who value design over other things, this is probably an option that you will like. Elegant, minimalist and functional. It has a great personalization with a usable design and attention to detail.

# 5 Trellobest calendar apps

We have already spoken on other occasions about this management tool. Trello is more than a calendar, in fact, it is designed to organize teams or companies. But its functionality at the organizational level has made us include it in this collection. This tool is organized by boards that in turn have columns and in each column you create cards (tasks) where you can include, texts, descriptions, images, attachments, mention other people, assign dates, labels …

If you want a tool more powerful than a calendar to use, Trello may be right for you. Its multiple functionalities will take the planning of your day to day to a higher level. It is one of the best calendar apps.

You already know that the best way to organize your year. And carry out all your purposes is to order your time in the most optimal way. Whatever your favorite calendar app, keep it always in sync with the best internet connection. So you do not miss anything wherever you are.