Google Chrome can be customized with extensions that can be found on the Chrome Web Store. Here is a selection of the best of them.

Chrome extensions, based on their features, add features to the web browser, making their use easier and fun. Favorites management, automatic blocking of pop-up advertisements, specialized modules, the best Chrome extensions really make it possible to adapt your browser according to your needs!

Why install extensions on your Google Chrome browser?

The basic version of the Google Chrome browser comes with a bare minimum. There is a multitude of plugins and extensions that can help you improve Chrome’s performance and usability. And this is one of the main advantages of Chrome over its rivals Safari and Firefox: it is highly customizable. In this article, we also list the best Chrome extensions for a 100% unique browsing experience.

Our selection of the best Chrome extensions

Whether to add a little freshness and originality to the browser interface, to optimize its effectiveness or to surf the web safely, here is our selection of the best Chrome extensions grouped according to their main themes.

To customize the interfacebest Chrome extensions

A new tab can sometimes seem very sad. This is where Chrome extensions like Tabby Cat or Tamagotchi come in, which generate background animations with funny little animals. This is the best way to add some joy to your Chrome browser!

Another way to make Google Chrome more attractive is to install the Turn Off The Lights extension. In this way, the browser will go into night mode, which will allow you to rest your eyes. The plugin displays all the textual content in white under a black background. As for the videos, they are transformed into film canvases, which darkens all the external elements that revolve around them. Continue Reading- 11 Windows keyboard shortcuts you have to know

To optimize your browser

You can also install plugins to optimize the functionality of Chrome. For example, a data saver allows you to benefit from a more regular navigation. This plugin forces Google to make its own servers available to users. The loaded pages are therefore compressed, which displays the pages faster!

To overcome the excessive consumption of resources, The Great Suspender stands as an excellent solution: the extension passes the unused tabs in standby mode, which frees part of the RAM from your PC! Nothing like to browse the web fluently!

To surf the internet safelybest Chrome extensions

When you browse the internet, it is essential to protect your confidential data and to control the use that sites make of your information. For example, with  HTTPS Everywhere, you can secure all your connections to the HTTP pages you visit by forcing the switch to HTTPS. This allows you to encrypt and protect the data that travels between your PC and the domain servers you visit.

Another Chrome extension we recommend: Ghostery. Working in unison with HTTPS Everywhere, this extension automatically detects all Google scripts (Analytics, AdSense, SiteMeter etc.). Ghostery also removes cookies that analyze your browsing habits without your permission being requested!

To check his emails and social networks

By installing the excellent Checker Plus For Gmail plugin, you can find out in real time the number of unopened emails you have received. You can also access your inbox content through a pop-up window.

Otherwise, we also recommend Blue Messenger, which unifies your notifications from social networks, including Facebook and Facebook Messenger. As for the previous extension, you know the number of alerts received in real time!

Other bulk extension handpicked

Here is another non-exhaustive list of essential Chrome extensions. All of these extensions are available on the Chrome Web Store.


Easily restore formatted text in a form by temporarily saving all the content you enter on the keyboard. So, even if your text has disappeared from the field you filled in, just click on the Lazarus button to find your content.

Print Selection

It is used to print exactly what you need without going through the text editor. Simply highlight the part of the text to print, right-click on it and select Print Selection. The print dialog opens as usual and displays a preview of what will be printed.

HTTPS Everywherebest Chrome extensions

This extension makes it possible to secure the connections with the sites visited by automatically encrypting the data transiting between your machine and the servers of the website in question.

Ghosterybest Chrome extensions

It helps to remove cookies from web pages you visit that collect information about your browsing data without your knowledge.

Click & Cleanbest Chrome extensions

The extension helps to delete the entire browsing history when you close the browser through this extension.

LastPassbest Chrome extensions

LastPass is an extension specialized in the management of passwords. It enhances the security of your login credentials by replacing all your passwords with complex passwords and stores them by allowing you to access them using a master password. It is one of the best Chrome extensions.

Google Message Verifier indicates the number of unread messages in your mailbox using a tablet.

Magic Actions for YouTube

The goal of this extension is to improve your audiovisual experience on the net. The extension with a menu bar under the launched media allows you to set the default resolution of videos and play them automatically in Full HD or 4K if your speed allows you.

ShutUp! Tab

ShutUp! Tab detects noisy tabs and signals them to you with a speaker icon that you simply turn off by clicking on it.

PanicButtonbest Chrome extensions

It is a discreet and reliable extension that allows you to close all your tabs with a single click in case of a critical situation and allows you to find them easily later. It is protected by a password to prevent others from accessing prohibited tabs, and you can configure a keyboard shortcut to facilitate interaction with the Panic mode.

Email Finder

To make the workflow and find leads easily, you need special tools. One of such tools is the email finder provided by that can be added to Chrome browser and activated on any website. It will search for email addresses and provide you with them right away. When the emails are found, you can send emails to these people on-the-go from the extension or save them as an email list and write to them later.