Xiaomi iHealth and have achieved a very cheap device for the control of blood pressure

Xiaomi has decided to invest plenty of examples million in a project related to health: this work was born one of the first accessories of the two companies, which allows, in a nutshell, to measure the blood pressure. The investment for those who were not aware of, has seen the company shell out over 25 million dollars in iHealth Lab, a company that Apple knows that and is specialized in the production of smart devices dedicated to health and to the world of medicine.

GadgetThis accessory thing 199 yuan, accounting for only 25 euro: it is a device that provides very detailed data and, when connected to a smartphone or a tablet, allowing you to have a number of more important information. As usual, in other words, it is the usual Xiaomi device, which is sold at very low price and offers a truly high quality: just think of the last top range of the company, Xiaomi Mi 4, to get the idea of what is the modus operandi of the company.

It is not yet clear whether the device has been designed for the average user or for some partners of the company, who then use the device in the appropriate medical facilities: the fact is that this armband is capable of interfacing with any Android device, provides detailed information and costs very little. What more could you ask for?