Withings, recently, has entered the watch industry, announcing the availability of Activité and Activité Pop. These models promise to give a new face to the monitoring of activities, with a unique mechanism: the MovementTM Connected, who does a wonderful integration of electronics into an analog clock.

gadgetThis system, presented at Baselworld 2015, enriches the product of functional content and highly innovative, producing a result of great interest. The watches of which we are concerned not only have the ability to measure time, but also offer the art of health monitoring, in some aspects, providing a direct connection to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Monitoring sensors and connectivity: all in one body. This optimization leads strong advantages in terms of ergonomics and energy consumption, thanks also to the need for only one battery instead of the two required for other products of the same kind on the market.

Suppressing the crown, the MovementTM Connected allows you to display the exact time, such as when you change time zones, without requiring any specific action by the user.

The sophisticated sensors kept inside allow users to keep track of their daily activities (walking, running, while swimming etc) and to monitor their sleep, scoring on the sub dial the progress percentage of physical goals.

Activité and Activité  Pop were both designed in France. These wearable devices feature a certain elegance. They, as we have seen, there is a fitness tracker Bluetooth. Happy compatibility with the platform of Google Fit Bigg dedicated to fitness. Here users can upload directly Withng their statistics of Health Mate, such as distance and heart rate.