With spring in full swing and summer approaching, a growing desire for happy and colorful atmosphere. Companies offer a good range of choices.

Neo2Go G2 is a wireless speaker ultraportable attractive design. In visual perception an important role is also played by the choice of colors, with a range of vibrant colors offered the choice of customers, which is no shortage of options … summer, meaning those the most sparkling dialectical terms.

SpeakerThis speaker is proposed with smooth lines and high versatility the right combination of design and functional aspects, for convenient use in outdoor activities, which are becoming more frequent in the summer.

A small keyboard control, embedded in the front grill, allows for intuitive operation and quick functions. In addition to listening to music, the speaker Neo2Go G2 allows the ability to answer the phone and hear the voice of the interlocutor, simply placing your hand on the device, thanks to the touch sensor placed under the grill.

Acoustic performance are adequate, even in conversation, the integrated technology of noise reduction. Waterproof and versatile, the audio device to which we are concerned has removable suction cup and a handy lanyard, so you can use it in many different environmental contexts.

With technology integrated Bluetooth / NFC you can connect to any Smart Device simply bringing the two devices. You can also listen to music piped through headphones or through the presence of an audio output. Designed in Switzerland, the Neo2Go G2 is distributed by Audioclub.