The new Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, these days are getting applause from all sides, but never thought that something as simple as your start button arouse the interest of specialists in design, much less after trying out interface the popular operating system.

Windows 10Both the average user as specialists applauded around this small but important button, and it is no wonder, in Windows 8 they saw as vilely Microsoft, in a fit of originality, I decided to pass away the banner of the Windows interface. Criticism was immediate, it was while they were forced to take the foot delayed and re-integrate into Windows 8.1.

Now the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), as a kind of tribute to his return, gives an award to the small and important start button present by default in Windows 10, specifically by design.

“With the design of the Start button Windows 10, the experience to launch and switch applications is unified throughout the family legacy of the Start menu on desktop PCs-and modern capabilities in phones and tablets. The design allows users to leverage what they know in a device and applying that knowledge to another device contextually appropriate way.”

And that’s how Microsoft scores one point only to correct an error that will remain in the history of Windows, if it is already known the phrase, “If it works, do not touch”, and after this clearly in Microsoft will think very carefully before removing some of its software.