The older term used for of a digital advertising agency was either “Interactive Agency” or “New Media Agency”. What differentiates these from other advertising agencies is that these agencies offer a combination of other services that enhance the marketing of the product using search engine optimization strategies. Usually, this means incorporating web development, web design, e-commerce, e-business and other new marketing strategies.

Digital Advertising Agency

Earlier, before advertising companies embraced the internet, there were limitations and the marketing paradigm was completely different. Today, there is a lot of competition and the best contenders in the arena of advertising agencies are those that are versatile and flexible enough to adapt the latest marketing trends and have the knowhow to choose the most appropriate advances.

Today, it has become mandatory for an advertising agency to offer creativity along with a wide range of services. As the challenges have grown intense, some agencies have grown rapidly while others have downsized quite rapidly. The major reason for this is the globally unstable market condition, which is inadvertently dependent on global economy. Keeping this in mind, the best definition for a digital or interactive agency is that it is one which provides specialized marketing and advertising services particularly for “digital space”.

Defining Digital Space
Today we live in a world of multimedia. Knowing what it means is a fundamental part of our lives, and those who do not, are still mired in the conventions of the past. Multimedia, in the simplest terms, means content that uses a combination of various content forms that enhance computer display. Often, these involve text messages, audio content, video content and animation as well.
Digital space, as defined by various authorities, is a multimedia-enabled electronic channel through which the audience can see and appreciate the message the advertiser is delivering at a large scale. This ensures that the content is understandable and audible as well.

What makes digital space special is that it can translate the advertised content over the internet in various forms, and on lifestyle devices (iPhone, mobile, iPod and PSP), DVDs, CDs and kiosks as well.

Generally, digital or interactive agencies work in the same manner. They both focus on interactive advertising and their approach is integrative of creativity, fulfillment, management, deployment and strategy. These agencies aim at ensuring that the advertisement mirrors the beliefs and motto of the client.

What do these agencies promise? These agencies provide digital, brand development, digital lead generation, communication strategies, interactive media, and interactive market. The coming of Web 2.0 changes many things in this aspect and took digitalization to a new level. Now, digital advertising comprises of four elements; social media, digital PR, digital media planning, web design and web application. It is hard to find all these features in one place, which is why a digital advertising agency is special.

Therefore, to conclude, it is imperative to emphasize that an agency that implements all the necessary tools and strategies (as mentioned above), aims at prioritizing customer satisfaction. This is what sets them apart.

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