Writer’s block!!

One of the most frustrating things for a blogger is getting writer’s block. After all, you need to be constantly churning out content on your blog in order for it to run successfully. So it can be pretty nerve-wracking when you are all out of ideas on content, right? That is where we come in!

Bag full of tricks

There are many ideas that you can get from just searching the Internet that could help you create some great content. Some sites even give you blog post ideas, whatever your topic.

Thinking outside the box

An important thing about getting inspiration for your blog posts, whether your blog is personal or for business, is that you need to think outside the box. Granted, from the outset you may have many ‘mainstream’ ideas but these will eventually run out, which will push you out of your ‘comfort zone’.

Therefore, here is list of blog post ideas that can certainly apply in this category:

  1. Philosophical reflections

The idea here is to think about a quote or a phrase that really caught your attention, and then you write about it. This changes up things and may even open up a new category of viewers and subscribers to your blog.

  1. Guest bloggers

This is always great when you already have a bunch of blogger friends who can have their content featured on your blog. You will have the advantage of keeping your readers occupied while you re-group and come back with fresh content.

  1. Do an interview

You are not the final authority on a subject matter and it can be great to have an alternative perspective on this subject. This will add a fresh voice and a fresh perspective to your blog, which is great and can generate some interesting feedback from your subscribers.

  1. Write responses

Forgive the reference but you know how rappers have a ‘battle’? One says all this stuff and the other responds. Well, you can do something like that. This is great for personal blogs. You can start the ‘battle’ or simply respond to a comment by writing a blog post. Things often get very interesting here so be careful not to get personal.

  1. Do a back-story

Tell us how you got started with blogging or talk about the history of your business. Origin stories are big for movies as well as for blogs. In addition, your subscribers will feel like they really know you and that creates a sense of loyalty and starts up even more in-depth conversations.

  1. Let it all out

Do you have a pet peeve or has something recently rattled your cage? Well, let it all out on your blog. You will not need to struggle to create this content because you already know what you want to say. Just keep it clean and try not to offend your subscribers, okay?

There is a lot more you can do, but these six tips should get you going in the right direction. Just make sure you do not doubt yourself even when you cannot seem to write anything. Okay?