Could you ever survive in space without a suit? The answer is surprising!

What if a man goes into space without the suit? Nothing pleasant, unfortunately for us, or rather unfortunately for those who would love to take a nice walk mile and miles beyond the atmosphere, maybe seeing from afar our beloved planet Earth. The answer to this question is interesting not so much for this – we know, in short, that if a man dies without going into space suit – as for the reason behind it: the answer is to focus and it is amazing. Visit for more tips like this.

TechApplies a principle according to which, at low pressure, the water boils even at room temperature; then if the pressure becomes even lower, even the blood is boiling, his heart is no longer able to pump it: in 1966 a technician at NASA has experienced what it was like in such circumstances, because the pressure was made to go down to the level seen in 36.5 km of height and he was right in that environment. The result? Read…

The man does not remember anything, except that he fainted after about fifteen seconds, and that, before closing his eyes, he spat and was boiling on the language: it is the principle which we have spoken. Fortunately, then, the man regained consciousness when it was recreated the ordinary pressure. Here is what he wrote on the subject Focus:

“If the pressure was very low, or no, even the blood would come into the boil, and the heart would not be able to pump it. The result would be a cardiovascular collapse. The leading causes of death would be so the lack of oxygen and collapse. The nervous system, however, requires more time before being damaged, in this case for the nitrogen that is dissolved in the blood. Finally, the entire body would swell for lack of external pressure, but the unfortunate astronaut would be already dead.”