Cybercriminals are interested in seizing personal information that they find useful to access your bank details or steal information that may threaten you. We share some tips to make your web browsing safe.

To avoid such attacks and have safe navigation, We give seven rules that you must take into account.

The best tips to make your web browsing safe

1. Take care of what you publish on social networksweb browsing safe

The comments or photos you post on the internet remain there forever, so it is good that you stop to think that if what you are going to post is something that you would like your mom or your employer to see.

“There is no way to retract a statement that you wish you had not made, nor to eliminate an embarrassing selfie you took at a party,” Bestuzhev said.

2. Activate the privacy settingsweb browsing safe

Not only the companies dedicated to marketing love to know everything about you, but also cybercriminals and it is that both can obtain a lot of data from your browsing habits and use of social networks.

To take more control over it, we recommend that you configure your Internet browser in Settings, to increase privacy and location.

3. Practice safe browsing

You can also choose to avoid visiting dangerous sites online.

“Cybercriminals use morbid content as a hook. They know that people are sometimes tempted by questionable content (…) In the internet underworld there are many difficult traps to identify, in which a careless click can expose personal data or infect your device, “said the analyst.

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4. Check if your network connection is protected

When you connect your device to an open Wi-Fi network, you lose direct control over your security.

Corporate cybersecurity experts are worried about endpoints, that is, your local Internet connection. This tool prevents the interception of information as it encrypts all data sent and received through the network.

5. Be careful what you downloadweb browsing safe

One of the priority objectives of cybercriminals is to trick you into downloading malware, that is, programs or applications that contain viruses and try to steal information.

” This malware can disguise itself as an application, either in the form of a popular game or an application that reports traffic or weather,”

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6. Create strong passwordsweb browsing safe

Passwords are one of the vulnerable points so experts recommend that you include special characters.

“For a password to be secure it must be unique and complex it must have at least 15 characters between letters, numbers and special symbols.”

7. Keep your antivirus updatedweb browsing safe

Having security software helps protect your device from all threats, detects and removes viruses. It is important that you keep the operating system and the applications you use regularly updated.