HD-SDI cameras have quickly become the most trusted and widely used CCTV cameras. The reason for this is that they offer a number of distinct advantages to the users over other types of security cameras. They are far more effective, robust and technologically advanced than IP cameras and are much more reliable than them too when it comes to providing complete security for a home or building. An incredible quality of these cameras is that they are available in a number of varieties each having its own set of features and capabilities that are suitable for scanning a particular type of setting. The following are some of the noteworthy types of HD-SDI camera systems that are available in the market today.

HD-SDI cameras

Indoor and Outdoor Dome HDSDI CCTV systems are the most commonly available and used HD-SDI camera systems at the present moment. These CCTV systems provide you complete surveillance both inside and outside the building. Since they make use of cameras that are capable of covering narrow spaces like hallways and alleys, they are suitable for apartment complexes and buildings where you need surveillance of corridors on the inside and of back alleys on the outside. Most of these dome cameras come with a range of lenses depending on your need and offer night vision feature as well. Installation of these camera systems is extremely easy and they can be fixed to walls and ceilings without requiring much skill or effort. Dome HD cameras are the cheapest of all the HD-SDI surveillance cameras available in the market.

Bullet Style HD-SDI camera systems are also among the popular types of HDSDI camera systems. These systems have cameras that can be fitted into any space with ease and provide a much longer range of surveillance than dome cameras. Bullet style cameras are available in a number of sizes which allow users to place them in any surrounding. Like the dome cameras, these cameras too have night vision capabilities and can shoot crystal clear video even at night. Another quality of bullet style HD cameras is that they are made using weather resistant material which helps them to keep on recording video footage even in harsh weather conditions. Owing to their better features and durable nature, these cameras are priced a little bit higher than dome HD cameras.

The most sophisticated and expensive of all the HD-SDI Cameras is the PTZ HD-SDI camera. This camera is capable of providing 360 degree surveillance, and is therefore considered ideal for providing security to any type of building or surrounding. Moreover, besides offering total coverage, this camera can zoom in on objects as well. This quality of this camera allows it to identify potential threats from a very large distance and pin-point their location. A PTZ camera offers you the chance to set it on cruise mode as well. In this mode, the camera keeps on surveying a fixed area over and over again automatically and keeps on recording the video feed. In addition to this, PTZ cameras can be controlled with joysticks as well.