Users have become accustomed to seeing social buttons of the main social platforms in many of the sites we visited, allowing us to share their content within our profiles on these platforms.

Part of the social buttons belong to Twitter, and after five years in the month of October will be upgraded for the first time under a new design consisting of white text on a blue background.

TwitterThe change will not only visual but also functional, because since Twitter has worked on simplification, so that the new design and not the counter Times shared the same content will be attached, but yes, be respected dimensions occupying the current design, according to the variant that have been selected by the respective responsible for websites when Twitter incorporate social buttons to them.

Twitter justifies the elimination of counter attached to the button, since in the past five years has been consulting a JSON endpoint hosted on multiple domains, and those private JSON endpoints have been used by third-party developers in recent years for simple count of how many times a URL has been shared.

In this sense, these endpoints, says the announcement will be closed the month of October when this function is eliminated within the Twitter button. Alternatively, Twitter summons developers looking endpoints within the Rest API Twitter to gather information from many times a URL has been shared on Twitter.

In addition, Twitter clarifies that continue to maintain the follower count monitoring button in its horizontal design within the new design. In any case, it will not cause us surprise when we find the redesigned Twitter buttons on websites we visit.