What we present today is Trekstor DataStation Peak, namely an SSD that has on his side portability and high levels of quality, which of course must be paid at a high price, since the numbers, unfortunately, are not the best accessibility not that the other solutions on the market are sold at lower prices, but buying a SSD 120 GB to 89 euro is not just an affordable price, as well as it is to buy one from 1000 to 549 GB; In short, we do not speak of an SSD that can be purchased by all (even if 120 GB are still handy).

gadgetTrekstor launches a DataStation pocket the SSD in question, in fact, has a frame of 36 grams and a size of 5 x 8 x 1 cm; it is a USB 3.0 the speed of 280 MB / s for writing and 430 / s read. The cuts available, finally, are the 120, the 256, the 512 and the 1000 GB, each with its own price: the company’s official website, linked at end of article, you will find the details you need for purchase.

Recommend Trekstor DataStation peak at an average consumer is not the best, as have storage devices at hand is useful for all: the point is that these solutions are designed especially for companies and professionals, who have much more need to save large amounts of data (the same goes for photographers, musicians and to all those who are found to have need of this kind). We hope that the market, evolving, propose solutions much more affordable: we, of course, we will be here to update.