We’ve already looked at some of the most important metrics that you should be checking on a regular basis to keep on top of your SEO campaign. Here are some more points that you need to keep track of if your website is going to do its job properly.

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Click-through rate

Also known as CTR, your click-through rate should be examined regularly to discover how appealing your site’s entry is on the search engine results pages. Forbes suggests using language with an element of urgency in your copy as this encourages visitors to take immediate action.

Local search

Your site needs to have a high ranking for local searches as this can boost sales at your bricks-and-mortar premises. If you’re not confident with local SEO, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. You can easily source professional SEO services in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Page indexing

Make sure that all of your pages across your website are properly indexed. If necessary, you can use the manual indexing option that you’ll find on your Search Console, which can be helpful if fewer pages have been indexed than have been submitted. If your site is just a few pages, this is something that you can easily do yourself, but if your site has many pages and you find it all too confusing, professional advice is always on hand. You can easily source Professional SEO services in London no matter where you live in the country.

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Duplicate content

If you’ve used the same titles and descriptions on more than one page, Google can mark you down for duplicate content. Check through all of the pages of your site to make sure that all titles and descriptions are unique.

Crawl errors

Your Google Search console gives you information about any crawl errors that have occurred, and you need to make a point of addressing these immediately because they can have a profound effect on your site’s overall rankings.

Pages crawled each day

Your Google Search console lists pages crawled each day over the past 90 days, and this information needs to be checked regularly. If you have multiple pages but only a few of them are being crawled, this could indicate a problem with your system resources that needs to be addressed.