Based on the significant advancements that lashed the digital marketing landscape last year, all the consumers are expecting something new to happen this year, as well. Experts predict several positive changes to evolve this year that is going to transform the entire concept of digital marketing. The below discussed are some of the effective trends of digital marketing that have set out to become priorities rather than being mere  developments.


With the smart phone ownership rates increasing by staggering 20% every year and mobile usage, increasing by 80% in the year 2014, the picture is clear- going mobile is in. Mobile devices like I- phones and I-Pads is now largely used to access information by the customers, view relevant contents, and browse items and purchase goods and services, as well. Mobile usage has increased in the recent days. This has a huge implication on the brands no matter what is the size. Mobile portability helps the users to browse websites with more convenience.

Digital Marketing Trends

  • Customer-Oriented SEO:

In this year, the customers can see the demise of the news feed style blog content and the uprising of the informative and entertaining contents. The main reason behind it is that the demand for quality and the user-centric informative content. This is turn will increase the traffic to the site. Creating and implementing valuable contents on the sites to satisfy the customer’s needs is one of the important steps that is slowly changing the concept of digital marketing. A digital content strategy to boot up SEO and organic traffic to the site is based on good understanding of the customers.

  • Programming Advertising:

It is on the top list of 2015 that denotes the trends of digital marketing. The consumers are increasingly watching television on multiple screens in any type of environment. The interactive TV advertisements that serve as real-time advertising campaigns engage the audience in a better way and also improve the viewing experiences. The TV viewers nowadays use a second screen to join the social comment activities. The customers always expect a similar increase in the development of the online ads that are triggered by the TV broadcasts. The programmed advertising can maximize the impact on the broadcast and other online activities. It is also an attractive tool for the reputed brands to be engaged with the audience in real-time.

Digital Marketing

  • Relevant Web Communication :

The big data were the buzzwords of the year 2014. This year, more brands will focus on synchronizing the CRM data with the website to send personalized messages for each of the users. The first-time users can expect to get introductory messages from the website administrators. There will be the marked increase in the e-commerce sites.

These are four important digital marketing trends that are yet to influence the relevant sector this year. The digital marketing agency in Leeds are trying to incorporate advanced methods and effective marketing strategies to keep themselves at par with the above mentioned changes.