Making too many calls to just ask for delivery? Well your troubles are about to end, because TinyOwl App is here to solve this problem- for good! TinyOwl App is a food ordering and delivery app for Android systems with user friendly and quick service; its growing popularity is but obvious-

For midnight binges and when you’re simply in no mood to leave your house, this app makes your day- all you need to do is order online and in no time your food will be at your doorstep!

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TinyOwl appTechnology Private Limited is a small Mumbai based technical enterprise that offers a location based mobile app for food ordering. Delivering yummy food at Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderbad, Pune and Mumbai, they’ve made life easy for the fast living consumer who has no time to waste on trivial matters such as food ordering .

When hunger strikes, you need not go on calling directories and start searches about who will and who won’t deliver at your doorstep- the app on its own  locates the nearest and the most viable options and will directly give you lists of accountable and secure food sources. What’s more? You needn’t even waste a call! Just switch on the appand tap!

With user friendly connotations and an amazing array of delectable dishes, this app puts food on the fast lane, and delivery to every doorstep.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore and is not very heavy either. Within a matter of 2-6 minutes(depending on the speed of your connection) this up and about! It’ll automatically detect your location or ask you to allow it to detect it in case it’s off.
Thereafter it’s just browsing, tapping and eating!!


  • Quotes the minimum price for every restaurant
  • Locates restaurants suitable to your needs
  • Is quick and easy to operate
  • Freely available
  • Gives Cash on Delivery and Online Payment options both.
  • Is a smart app and remembers your preferences from previous orders, and hence enlists the most relevant and reliable resources
  • Accountable team and exceptional service.
  • Quotes percentage wise, how punctual every delivery from restaurants and you can even find restaurant deals is and gives you a more time saving experience than most food ordering apps.
  • No loopholes in services and delivery
  • Freebies and coupons are a common affair.


For lunch at breakfast hours and for cravings in the middle of the night; For when there’s no food at home but there’s your tummy rumbling; For when there are people coming over but you’ve got nothing to serve- for all of these and for so many more, this app is an urban utility that you just can’t afford to miss out on! Even if you’re not residing in the above mentioned places, you can keep your figers crossed because the owl is coming to your town! So go on and download it –it’s sure to be a hit!