Now Website to get good search engine rankings, you need SEO optimization, the so-called SEO, search engine optimization is that the popular point is to help make your site keywords ranking. The SEO process is a more simple process, from the start site analysis, to develop optimal scheme, and finally started, it is actually a difficult process of decline! Then Ill come following a brief look at a few steps SEO needs!

Three Essential Basic Site Optimization

1, during site characterization. In the process, give the site as an SEO optimized out of a total program that needs that require coordination among various departments something. For example, to determine the direction of the site content and keyword selection, site title and description to describe how to make them close and key words together. This can be said during the optimization process of the entire site during the most complex, although the content may seem less introduced, but only on the Web site analysis of key words on this one, had to spend a lot of manpower and time, for example, this must be the orientation of the keywords competitors, but also concerned about the heat keyword search, select the most suitable keywords for web site development.

2, site updates and links to the construction phase. This is a stage they would carry out the entire framework of the site filled with content, while the internal links to make the site so that users of any page on the site can be returned back to his needs anywhere. At the same time, filling in after the completion of the basic sites, the time after which the site should adhere to the promotion, as well as external links and links, etc. to find. This process seems simple, but in fact he was not easy, he points throughout the optimization process status is important, because he will push the site to peoples attention inside.

3, SEO is the need to fully participate, and want to design a website search engine most friendly framework. Many, many people are doing SEO do not need to know that code, well, do not need a step by step seo Services really know too much code, but in order to do SEO must know how to code. In this process, SEO and programmers to meet the maximum degree of reduction of the redundancy of the code to your site to a major downsizing.