If you are a company dedicated to creating batteries for electronic devices, there may be no better publicity for the good work you do, to create a battery that gives a battery life of more than one day to an iPhone, by the known problem autonomy which for years has led Apple mockery mockery. That same strategy would have taken a company that announced working on hydrogen battery quite interesting features.

iPhone BatteryBritish technology company, Intelligent Energy, reported that can have an iPhone without charge for a week thanks to a battery that runs on hydrogen, generating electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen, producing only small amounts of water and heat as waste.

Its prototype is published in telegraph, and although they say they have been working with Apple, from the company of Tim Cook have not confirmed anything.

Without altering the size or shape of the device contains, yes, a rear vents so you can escape the small amount of water vapor produced by the battery, such a small amount that the user nor would notice.

They have not yet determined the price that would have this device on the market, but they believe it may well be assumed today. The biggest breakthrough is to create the proper size battery so that is does not affect the iPhone, and ensure that they have succeeded.

From The Telegraph they have seen the prototype and have proven as gas (hydrogen) is replenished through a socket adapted headphones, although the release will use a disposable cartridge at the bottom of smartphones dust hydrogen release enough for the mobile work for a week without recharging.

Tarden may still two years to get everything done, but probably will depend largely on the need to start selling those disposable cartridges powder hydrogen logistics.