To give you an idea, the United States has suffered more than 43 million cyber attacks, achieving increased in unn48% since 2013, worst of all is that with this increase most entrepreneurs are unprepared for a cyber attack, which is why AT & T has us a report on cyber security perspective.

CybersecurityThis report provides us with direct feedback from research and lessons learned from AT & T to provide it to entrepreneurs, business owners what they need to know to protect your data, this will help us avoid a cyber attack or loss of information.

There is no doubt that AT & T is one of the largest communications companies, and now offers a look that is what happens in the technological and operational when an attack occurs. “Each company has either been attacked or be attacked,” Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT & T mobile solution for companies said. “Maintain a secure business must be the priority for any company. Check this siteĀ

AT & T reported that there was a 62% increase in the number of denial of service attacks or affecting the operations of the Company during the past 2 years, AT & T has been increasing dramatically in 458% the number of times that hackers seek vulnerability in the internet. But many companies do not take appropriate measures.

Nearly 75% of companies do not involve directors on cybersecurity

Approximately 51% of organizations are not reassessing its information security breaches as a result of high visibility data.

Approximately 78% of employees do not follow security policies set by their employers

It is for these reasons and the dramatic increase in the activities of hackers, AT & T believes that sharing their experience and perspective will help others remain protected.

To help businesses and consumers to stay connected and aware of the latest news on security, AT & T has launched a new version of the security resource center line. This site helps keep businesses, individuals and security professionals informed and prepared daily. Get the latest current security trends experts of AT & T, information on emerging issues and trends, guidelines to help businesses and consumers to prevent, detect and respond to threats.