Backup of all your crucial data is very important either it’s your home computer or office PC. Most of the free backup solutions are good but many few of them actually restore a system from a major catastrophe. So here we have a free solution for you as EaseUS Todo Backup Free that offers file and folder backup as well as partition and disk backup.

EaseUS Todo

With the help of EaseUS Todo Backup Free you can easily restore your system from either a simple file loss or major disaster. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Server 2000/2003/2008.

Review about EaseUS Todo Backup Free:

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free is very easy to use that can integrate with the Windows. Software allows you to easily browse and recover the individual file and folder using Windows Explorer.  EaseUS Todo Backup Home includes partition and drive imaging, data wiping, drive and partition cloning, image culling and many more.

The program can copy to a local drive in a Windows PC, hard drive or DVD, or a network attached drive or to the cloud. Although it doesn’t integrate with any online account but it can work with Google Drive, SkyDrive or DropBox and any others that provide FTP access.

You can use this tool to migrate your system to a new hard disk without reinstalling your operating system and other applications. The trial run of this application runs for 15 days and disable the snapshots features after that user will purchase the full version.

The latest version has come as EaseUS Todo Backup Home 7.5 which includes many new features like mount and unmounts feature, new UI of Linux bootable media with improved performance etc. It has a great schedule capability that helps to set a time for running backup. Moreover, you can see the previous backup’s details too.

The application has a unique encryption feature that allows user to protect the data with the help of password and encryption. Software automatically named the file as ‘System-backup’ and adds the date and time it completed. This is the most reliable software for fully secure backup.

The free data backup home software supports full backup for all your data. In which all the files and data are copied all the time in the system backup folder. You can restore the data quickly what you need as granular files, folders, volumes, or all from a single image etc.

The free version of this recovery software includes all the features for basic disk imaging and backup. But due to some limitations it encourages you to upgrade to the paid version that offers many more additional features. You can easily get the free version from the website where you also find different editions of backup software. So basically EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a restore utility that can back up your entire system’s current state, settings, data or what you want to get back. So don’t wait for the disaster get your free backup tool and live freely.