Each seo project involves analysis of keywords, how to plan, organize, keyword is SEO is very important. Key words of classification can be from the following aspects:

• By person: If you have many or many organizations to manage keywords, so that they are in different storage keyword in a category is wise.
• By market category: you may have some keywords are for commercial customers, and some for consumers. You may want to press the key words to state that they are classified.

• To classify by bid: If you targeted for different groups of keywords are adopting different bidding strategy or tactics, you might decide to follow separate categories to organize them. For example, if one of your competitors in many prominent keyword bid jamming on implementation, you may want to add these keywords in a single category, so youll be able to use the friendly URL or other techniques to avoid involvement in the bidding for keywords in the war.

• Classification by product line: Snap is likely to put the digital camera keyword into a single category, and keywords home cinema.

• Press reports: because you are capable of forming the assessment report by category, so if youre doing testing seo Company, you might want to put the test key words separated from each other. For example, you might want to use in traditional paid search keywords and ads keywords associated with the article, so you can test the validity of the associated advertising article.
• Press advertisements classification: generally, all to the same directory with the same keywords. So Snap for a particular product of all the keywords may have the same (or very similar to the hun and the same landing page, and on other product keyword does not.

Whatever you decide how to separate words, to take full advantage of the search engine to provide you with; because it will simplify your reporting and management.