Earlier this week we saw how the leaks appeared a new quantifier Fitbit main novelty incorporating a heart rate monitor. It seems it will not be the only model that will be released and a new image teaches an advanced watch with a similar concept to that have already explored other manufacturers like TomTom or Polar.

SmartwatchHis name is Fitbit Surge and the company defines it as a “Superwatch”. It is the model with the largest to date for this manufacturer screen your purpose is clear: it offers a wrist device with integrated GPS to plot routes and a pulse sensor to go wearing the heart rate.

A “Superwatch” created by Fitbit

Like previous models Fitbit includes daily monitoring functions of steps, distance, calories burned and sleep control. It syncs wirelessly through mobile or desktop application for PCs. The design you can see in the image filtered reminds indeed more like a watch and at least one bracelet with a small display.

At the moment we do not know when that will be or when it will be officially on sale. For now, you know, if this information proves true, it will have a starting price of $ 250. If we take into account the fateful conversions dollar / euro is likely to see as many around here but with a different currency.