Omega Pharma has put out a call SilinCode SOS bracelet, a gadget that can be of great help to people exposed to potential problems such as the elderly, children and athletes risk and, thanks to QR codes, can save us from dangerous situations.

GadgetSilinCode What is SOS?

Persons at risk such as the elderly, children or even athletes practicing dangerous sports and may incur for them some kind of alert status must have something to warn of danger. Sometimes the smartphone or home phone can be slow or even can not access it if you are in a situation of great danger.

That SilinCode SOS born a bracelet plastic can be purchased at pharmacies around 20 euros and, far from being decorative, can save the lives of any of these people. What we will do is synchronize our watches with our mobile device or tablet and introduce some interesting facts and ways of contact, which person should be advised if something happens or possible diseases that can have and have had.

More about SilinCode SOS

If something happens to us, therefore, thanks to QR code that does this person, just scan it we will contact that person to succor us. This can be very useful if something happens to us in the middle of the street; So, if someone is going to our aid, will scan the code and be alerted to our emergency contact. The bracelet is available in various colors and sizes, which can be passed as a mere accessory that does not bother at any time and, as we see, can be particularly helpful in that population with more danger.