Sharp showed a concept of curved screen and convex from well 60 inches

Sharp has seen fit to make a 60-inch LCD display and curved convex: a solution a bit different from the one we are used to, since so far the screens offered by the various companies were all concave, and in fact we have seen LG G Flex and LG G Flex 2 mount this type of display, of course, in addition to other products belonging to the area smartphones (and the scope TV, especially).

DisplayThe screen in question is especially useful for advertising: it is, in effect, a display with a curvature of 150 degrees, corresponding to a radius of 500 mm; In short, do not display any, to which Sakai Display Products Corporation has designed primarily to demonstrate the great strides made ​​in relation to flat panel displays, which have now reached the ultimate in versatility.

We said that the use of this display 60-inch mainly concerns the field of advertising, but not exclude a use in the field of information, since the screen can be installed especially on the columns, which are almost completely embraced by it (and this allows, of course, an at least partial vision from all perspectives, differently from what might happen with a screen not curved).

We have not yet release date and price available, as this Sharp 60-inch LCD display was simply an initial model: we will keep you updated if we were to find out more.