With the death of the PC market Samsun waiver to sell computer to us Europeans, as did Sony a few months ago.

None perhaps ten or even five years ago would have thought that the PC market was destined to disappear quickly, but also Samsung today announced that it has decided not to sell its handsets in Europe, simply because there is no more market once and we are no longer so interested in spending for a computer.

TechLike the Sony Vaio, so the laptop from Samsung – including Chromebook – are history. In their place, the convertible, the only smartphones and tablet, more or less the only device that still affect the user and the consumer who is willing to buy. We are more and more connected, but less and less connected to the PC, which after all can not do much more than they already face a device much smaller, more comfortable and anyway damn expensive and profitable for brands of electronics.

In the case of the death of the Vaio, Sony has also given the heave-ho has a large number of employees. We would not expect anything less from Japanese industrial apparatus, constantly plagued by crisis. But instead of Samsung we know nothing: there will be layoffs or those who worked for the laptop will be transferred to another job?

“We adapt quickly to the needs and demands of the market. Discontinue sales of laptops in Europe, and this includes the Chromebook, at least for now. This is specific to this region – and does not reflect the conditions of other markets. We will continue to evaluate consistency with market conditions and will adjust his aim to keep us competitive. “

What are the reasons expressed by Samsung, I am a bit ‘puzzled by the operation. What of the laptop is no longer the thriving market for a time, but at the same time, Europeans are definitely more willing to buy one than the Americans and the rest of the world. The Chromebook in particular are selling better and better – honestly said, it seems that the Koreans here are bandaged head before romper.