Samsung surprised onlookers at IFA 2014 cun folding UHD TV 105″, a true miracle of technology.

After letting us see her folding TV at CES in January, Samsung has presented the final model 105 “. Folding TV? Well yes, it is a device that passes by UHD flat curved. This is useful because the movies are fantastic on the TV curve, but if you want to see a cooking show the curved screen is definitely counterproductive, especially if you are on one side of the TV, at the sink.

TVIn any case, even beyond its ultimate purpose, it is a wonderful technology. The TV changes shape harmoniously, gently, without disrupting any of its operations or the vision of the programs.

The ratio of this TV is 21: 9, which means a screen suitable for film and very “wide”, although the monumental dimensions mean that there are few problems viewing programs also less suitable for giving up a little side space.

Samsung is rightly proud of this new product, which runs directly counter to the solutions archival LG, which this year seems to be in the lead.

The words of the press release of Samsung are perhaps slightly pompous:

“We are the helmsmen of a new era of TV, an era driven by the curve: a principle of design that is simple yet powerful, which positively stimulates the vision and the whole sensory experience.”

Since the TV 105 “4K” immobile ” Samsung is expected to cost about $ 120,000, this version will be priced robotize shape shifter completely unreachable for the user who does not have a small oil country.