This mouse eye Samsung is designed to help those with disabilities here Eyecan +

Samsung Eyecan + is not a project well known, since Samsung has not sold because of the small niche market to which it refers: this does not mean, however, that the work of the company is not worthy of praise, since the mouse to eye of which we’re about to talk way for people with disabilities, especially motor, using a personal computer; This is, in short, a useful device and moreover obtainable, as the company has decided to donate to various charities. But let’s go and find out more about what is behind this new technology.

TechEyecan + is the second generation of a mouse that is used with the eyes: the commands, in fact, are given with their simple movement. Everything is the result of an important research work, which has as its object the disabled and aims to overcome the disability for activities like that of the use of a Personal Computer: in this case, in fact, the device is positioned below the display of the computer and allows the user to communicate through eighteen customizable controls. What is the equivalent of the click? A simple wink, even if its is not simple, since the repeated action certainly requires some effort.

A talk technology Eyecan + was a student quadriplegic in Seoul, where the mouse was presented:

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am happy that the mouse eye was produced in Korea. It is not just a technological device, but represents the arms and legs of a disabled person. I hope that this research can continue.”

Recorded message in twenty minutes, with a single typo: we welcome these projects and many congratulations to the companies who invest, for one reason or another.