Whenever we talk about Android mobile devices we highlight especially the huge number of terminals sold with this operating system, and indeed, it is not a coincidence that 8 out of 10 smartphones carry it in their guts. Now, sometimes and especially after some time of use, our Android may have problems to function properly, especially regarding software. We share how to reset an Android.

What many do in those cases is to contact directly a specialist in the field, but the problem is that it can cost us a lot of money to do something we can do at home. This is the famous hard reset, Hard Reset or factory reset, thanks to which we managed to eliminate all residual files that could be affecting the performance of our terminal.

If you are wondering what the factory reset of an Android device does, you have to see that it is related to the possibility of deleting all the data, images, videos, accounts, applications, histories and passwords. In a few words, we can say that in this way we take the device to the same instance in which it was the day we bought it again.

Of course, it is not necessarily that we will lose all the data and files that we said before. But that they will be lost so that the device can erase everything. But we can always make a backup to protect them from Settings, Backup and Restart, Create backup and restore. For the rest, the procedure is not complicated, so let’s show you how to reset an Android terminal from the factory.

Steps to Reset an Android mobileReset an Android

First of all, it is recommended to make a backup copy of everything we have on the mobile phone. And keep the information in some removable media, such as the micro SD.

Once we have made the backup we go to “Settings” or “Settings” (may vary depending on the version of Android and the mobile in question). Click on the option “Backup and Restart” or another option with a similar name (may also vary).¬†¬† Then click on “Restore factory data”.

Once this action has been completed, the mobile phone will reboot without anything else inside it than those applications that were installed at the factory.

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Resetting an Android mobile

The first step that we must take forward if we want to perform a factory reset or Hard Reset to our Android is to turn it off, keeping then pressed the specific buttons that will get us access to the Fastboot menu. That is, once it is turned off, you will have to press the on / off button + the volume up or down button and you will see that the device starts, but in a different menu than usual.

Now we will be then, or we should, within the Fastboot menu, which although it has small differences between manufacturers is basically the same thing always, to the point that I should be looking at the restoration menu. We enter the same of course, and we move to find in particular the option “Wipe data / Factory reset”. Which is one of the most functional in these tutorials?

When we are at this point, the next one will be to press on the Home or power button according to the manufacturer of the device, and even some of us ask for a confirmation in that sense, although we always have to affirm that function. The rest should be done by the Android itself, and if you see the legend “Reboot now” appears, of course, you will accept it. Nothing more than that is the factory reset on Android.

How to restart or reset an Android factory?

  • We go to the main menu of our Android terminal and in there to Settings. Although the path can vary and in some devices, it can be directly from the Settings menu
  • Within this section, we look for the privacy options and enter them
  • We continue sliding through this menu until we find the Factory data reset option, which we are going to select
  • Again we go through the menu in its entirety until we reach the option Back up and reset
  • Next, we have to go to the end of the menu and look for the Factory data reset button
  • We will go to a new screen in which we will indicate that we can lose our data through this process, asking if we want to send them all to the SD card, and in turn, if we want that data from the SD to be deleted. Our recommendation is that you make a backup before this tutorial. If you are interested in keeping items, but if not, just follow
  • We are going to Restart telephone, and when pressing it, we will be confirming the definitive reset

Finished the process after a couple of minutes, we will then find our smartphone in exactly the same way as when it was purchased from the factory, and if you have stored all your content separately, you can return them without problems, to enjoy it again as the first day.