As a business owner, boosting the sales conversion rate on your website is a top priority. If your online store is your main source of revenue, it is even more important to find ways to optimize your site for these conversions. What are website conversions? In the simplest terms, a sale conversion is a visit that has turned into a sale – a person visiting the site viewed the store, entered credit card information and then hit ‘enter.’ The conversion rate of a website is a way to measure the amount of visits that turn into conversions. If your conversion rate is low, you will need to find ways to optimize your site. Here are some quick and easy conversion rate optimization tips for business owners.

Quick and Easy Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Business Owners

  1. Make your site easy and intuitive to navigate. If your site is chaotic, disorganized and hard to navigate, you have found the reason why your sales conversion rate is low. If you want people to check out and make a sale, you need to make your website easy to navigate – this is one of the simplest conversion tips there is.
  2. Create a blog and add content regularly. It is also important to create a blog and add content on a regular basis. A blog can boost sales conversions in many different ways. For one thing, a blog can allow you to post fresh content, which the search engine bots use to measure the relevancy of your site. Also, it gives people a reason to come back to your site. Not only that, but it gives you an opportunity to add meta information on the backend, which can further optimize your site and increase sales conversions.
  3. Use analytical platforms. Using analytical platforms and programs are helpful because you can get a full backend diagnostic as to who is coming to your site and for how long. Most importantly, you can see how many people are making sales and why. Monitoring these sites is important because it will give you a good overview of how your strategies are progressing. If the conversion rate is low, you will know that you need to go back to the drawing board to find another solution.
  4. Implement a simplified payment gateway. If your payment gateway has multiple pages, or if it takes you to other websites to finalize the process, there is a good chance that people are getting a little spooked and not finalizing their sales. If you want to give customers a secure experience, you need to make sure that your payment gateway is completely secure. This means that there should be minimal pages and it should all be hosted on your website – not external sites.
  5. Start a social media front. Another way to boost conversions is to build a social media following. Typically, you want to set up at least three social media profiles. Not only do you want to provide content regarding your brand, but you also want to provide other information that people want to read and learn about. In the end, social media is one of the greatest allies when it comes to boosting sales conversions.