Google Project Loon, here are the balloons of related corporations today are 10 times more durable and Google can throw it 20 per day.

Google returns to speak of his Loon Project, an innovative plan for bringing web connectivity in disaster areas or disadvantaged with balloons equipped with special technology – a sort of flying repeaters, which ensure continuity of service by taking advantage of air currents to high altitude, very regular and predictable. To date, Google has flown so many “loon” by letting them go collectively 3 million kilometers, i.e. 75 times the diameter of the Earth at the equator.

googleThe corporation is justly proud of having created something that no one had before, and after a period of testing, it was found that the project works fine, as long as you think of a way to keep it efficient in its relationship between cost and benefit.

According to the latest report from Google, now the dedicated staff at Loon Project has the ability to throw 20 balls a day, and a new automatic device is able to fill a balloon in 5 minutes – not bad if we think that the air required would fill 7,000 common balloons. The current generation of loon is able to last 10 times longer than those that preceded it last year: the current record is 130 days, a milestone reached after countless errors – I wonder if somewhere there is a ” cemetery “of the loon, a Bermuda Triangle of dense bodies of the fallen.

The new balloons are like those in the photo: lifted by a crane, composed of translucent materials and open with great care by a team of Google employees now experts, walking on its surface with super Smooch socks to avoid stress to the metallic loon. This and more to bring the Internet to everyone, no matter where.