Maybe you’ve heard of Panono, a German startup that is developing a camera that records instant spherical. So far nothing really new, we’ve seen similar things, grace is in the form of ball that have given their creators.

Before knowing the product itself, the major upgrade we have about him is his availability as you have date d out in spring 2015 – has been delayed, the expected in September. We also have money, no less than 549 euros.

GadgetEarly next year, the people who have been helping financially Panono receive their units and start seeing pickup. What we know is that it has 36 cameras along the spherical surface, pointing in every possible direction.

36 cameras, 108 megapixels

The result is what you can expect, a decision that logs everything around us, with a total size of 108 megapixels. We know each megapixels camera, but if it a perfect short, would be facing 3 megapixel sensors.

We launched into the air and at the highest point we recorded 360 ° panoramas x 360 In addition to cameras, inside hardware and software that manages the simultaneous administration of all cameras, and composed into a single image.

The connection to the world of ball is a smartphone, which will be responsible for moving the content to the cloud of the company, or the usual social networks.

So far it has not spoken anything about video recording Panono, preferring to focus on quality of the zoom, which share low quality videos. In the future there is a path that is contemplated for future models.

When viewing on your computer, you need a player that allows us to navigate the picture, with the possibility of doing a fairly decent zoom, horizontal and vertical displacements. On their website have mounted a gallery with examples, there is one:

Panono can be controlled via a mobile app – iOS and Android – or a timer based on a countdown. It has WiFi / USB connectivity, and has an internal memory capable of storing up to 400 images.

Although more accurate your shot is one that uses the built to meet the highest state of the ball when the throw up accelerometer. It will be the moment when the camera is stopped and stabilized better make the best decision.

Not a contrived device to withstand big drops, but the case is being enhanced to support these situations, totally possible in view of the use to which it will provide.

In the latest project updates, are being incorporated anchor points so we can use the camera suspended by a rope, or utensils such as tripods.