The opening of a dmg file on Mac is very simple because this format is precisely used by Apple’s operating systems for disk images. Thus, it is very common that when you download an Internet program for Mac, come in this format. Apple computers come with two installed programs that allow you to manage the dmg. In we explain in detail how to open dmg file mac.

How to open dmg file mac Steps to follow:open dmg file mac


As we say, the most normal thing is that when you download an Internet program for Mac have the extension dmg and present an aspect like that of the photograph.


To open dmg files on Mac, simply hover your mouse over the document and press right button. The system will recommend two alternatives for opening:

  • Disk Image Mounter
  • Disk Utility


The second alternative to open the dmg file on Mac is in case you want to perform some operation with this disk image, beyond installing the program it contains. Thus, you should open it with Disk Utility.

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If what you want is to install the program on your computer, you will have to open the dmg file on Mac with Disk Image Mounter. Then, an automatic process will begin in which you should not do anything until the screen you see in the picture in the next step appears.


Now, you just have to drag the icon on the left to your Applications folder, which appears on the right. The arrow clearly tells you how to move the mouse. If you double click on the dmg file, it would already open directly with Disk Image Mounter.


In this simple way, you will have already opened the dmg file on Mac and you could have installed the corresponding program on your computer.