Leaked on the net a few photographs, results of benchmark tests, and detailed information on the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card high level that will be presented in October along with the GTX 970.

Nvidia is ready to present to the public its new line of video cards at the top end. The company based in the United States, known for graphics processors, in a few days will hold an event called Game24 that will host demos, interviews, competitions for eSports and, above all, the unveiling of the video cards GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980.

TechThe manufacturer of electronic components has decided to skip the name for the new GTX 800 series, wanting to keep separate the lineup of desktop and mobile components called GeForce 800M.

GeForce 800M: this GPU for laptops and notebook from her a kind of technology that will surely please those who work with their laptop, the new feature Battery Boost.

The GTX 970 have been leaked on the net a few pictures that show live as well as some screenshots that refer to the technical specifications and performance of the graphics processor.

The card will be based on a new GPU belonging to the family that Maxwell called the GM204, with 1664 CUDA cores, 138 TMU, 32 ROPs, 4GB of GDDR5 video memory at 7012 MHz with 256-bit bus; the clock frequency is 1051MHz boostata to 1,178 MHz.

According to the results the GTX 970 should not consume more than 190 watts and will support the standard HDMI 2.0 while as regards the assembly the Galaxy card seems to exploit a connector pin 6 and 8.

As regards performance, finally, the benchmark test performed with 3DMark 11 Extreme provides some preliminary data showing the score X3963 obtained in combination with an Intel Core i3-4130, little lower than that obtained from the GTX 780 Ti.