Every time you log in to the Housing.com website you get to see two smiling buddies in their mid-twenties or rather in early thirties smiling and getting hooked at some crazy video game in their own flat. Aren’t you feeling jealous? Well, enough of wishing and it is obviously a very ‘possible’ reality in your life. What you need to do is to search for and download the Housing.com mobile app and install it in a minute.  Whatever smartphone you have, be it Android or Apple, you won’t have a hiccup provided you have a smarter data plan or a trustworthy WiFi hub. We all have come to an age where jobs aren’t about living in a city of our birth for our whole careers. Call it a massive change or an exact impact of globalization or India being digitally empowered; so many sectors in India are coming with exclusive jobs demanding intelligence, skill and high IQ.

Whether you are living in a flat or hostel what matters to you is, who your Flatmate is going to be! You may be surprised to listen to a word such as ‘Roommates. 40 years back India boasted of its joint family structure, where brotherhood and mutual care ruled the basic ethic of family structure. And now, that family impetus has given a much more pluralistic concept of Flatmates, where young professionals, who have completed their studies quite diligently and ready to have a go at their new job, are choosing their own flatmates!

Housing.com and finding you Flatmate

Previously there had been hundreds of cases where professionals couldn’t adjust to the new flat. In most of these cases, the problem didn’t lie in the flat rather the person who shared it with. Buying or renting a flat on one’s own is a distant reality as most of the locations situated near to such job hubs in the metro cities are very costly and it is indeed difficult for young professionals to buy such real estate in such quick time. The instant messaging opportunity which the Flatmate service of Housing offers to the probable consumers, gives ample opportunity to know and choose the person to stay with.


Truly one can say that Housing.com has given a completely new dimension to finding Flatmates. Not only has it given birth to such a novel concept but also it has catered to the customized choices of the consumers. The chat option of Housing.com app has already become immensely popular among the youth as they are the ones who are mostly relocated to different IT hubs every now and then. Side by side, having a compatible flatmate ensures healthy living, which ensures higher longevity of the professional career of the concerned person.  Having a Flatmate by choice certainly makes a person motivated and one can definitely say that Housing.com amply gives that ‘home away from home’ feeling with such a lovely opportunity.  It is high time that you do not ponder with the fact on what to do next with your next destination. Pack up your essentials and quickly get engrossed on the Housing.com’s Lifestyle mobile app with new flatmate service. First, you decide the location and second, your budget which you are comfortable with. Side by side, make ample use of the real time chat opportunity and in no time you’ll have chosen your Flatmate!