In the bustling market of gadgets carves out its space the NODIS NT TOWER, which combines the notes of versatility, more and more popular by customers.

gadgetNODIS NT TOWER joins the light music, to color the atmosphere of the rooms, with nice graphics and sound textures. One signed by the Italian company is a product that combines several functions in a single device, thus intercepting a need increasingly felt by users and increasingly translated in the field in technology.

It is a lamp, with touch controls, which also works as a Bluetooth speaker . In the first capacity he notes of great seduction, both aesthetically and functionally. Elegant and chic like a glass of champagne, gives the alchemy of light LED, with intensity and color adjustable, simply by touching the sensors at the base of the work. A simple touch well enough to turn it on.

The result of the changing atmosphere, animating magic environments, giving a suitable state of mind of the user or to the reference scenario. In addition to the white light, you can choose a different tint, thanks to the auto-rotation of the colors.

These chromatic you add the magic of sounds offered by this table lamp multifunction, which also features a built-in speaker, to match the right soundtrack and complete to the best pleasure of the experience, in the sign of taste Made in Italy, without the clutter of wires, and annoying little complacent with the value of the aesthetic purity.