Meliconi confirms its creative ferment with TV stereo headphones that mark a new stage in the enlargement of the range allocated to entertainment.

HeadphoneMeliconi HP400 are wireless headphones crew neck, with high-fidelity stereo earphones. Lightweight and comfortable, allowing a quick connection to your TV and other audio sources, such as DVD, Blu Ray, sound systems Hi-Fi, iPod / iPhone / iPad, MP3 players, VHR, radio, PC, gaming console and other others.

With this proposal, Meliconi you grant a new digression in the aftermarket for listening, extending a growing library in its articulation: how far from the times of the first telecommunications …

HP400 headphones, with a round neck receiver, are very comfortable even for those who wear eyeglasses. Thanks to two NiMH rechargeable batteries, the hours listening possible exceed quota 25. Equipped with high-fidelity earphones, these works signed Meliconi system with infrared transmission have a reception range in the room up to 12 meters away, so well over the length of the rooms of a normal apartment of medium-low.

The manufacturer claims that the isolation from ambient noise and stereo sound quality (up to 120 db) are of a high standard. A system of automatic volume control eliminates sudden changes, for a more pleasant listening and homogeneous.