Over recent years, the increase in smartphone and tablet use has resulted in mobile phone networks pulling out all of the stops in order to improve service for users. This is not only in terms of bundles and deals but also in terms of the technology itself. While we all became accustomed to using 3G services with our devices in the past, mobile network giants such has Three have now rolled out the faster, better performing 4G networks, which should cater for the growing number of internet enables device users.

In fact, Three recently announced an update in relation to getting data access while on the move. For just a few pounds users will be able to benefit from unlimited 4G access around the world, which means greater convenience, ease and flexibility as well as excellent value for money when it comes to accessing 4G services.


A positive impact on those who travel

For those who tend to travel, whether for business or pleasure, this is great news. Many people now take along smartphones and tablets when they are heading on a trip, so a lot of people will be able to reap the benefits of this type of offer from Internet Service Providers.

For sports fans who are travelling to various events, such as the Rugby Union World Cup 2015, this enhanced access means that they can use stay up to date on what’s happening with the games as well as being able to look at the odds while you are travelling via sites such as Coral. In fact, you can even have a flutter while you are travelling so if you want to put a bet on England to win the Rugby World Cup you can head to the Coral site and place your bet with ease. You can even enjoy playing a few games on the site while travelling to the event, such as the slots, bingo, poker and table games offered.

Many people now consider taking their smart devices on holiday as essential, so this is another group that will benefit from this 4G access. Holidaymakers will now be able to travel to a wide range of popular holiday destinations and enjoy the speed and convenience of 4G in order to do everything from going on social networking sites through to streaming movies, communicating with friends, or simply catching up on news and events via their device while relaxing on holiday.

Even those who travel on business will be able to make the most of having their internet enabled devices with them as a result of the unlimited 4G data being offered by Three. This is something that can save business travellers money and the frustration of restricted access while they are on their business trip.