As an Internet marketing website, the website of the day to day running of time to regularly update the contents of the Web site, if the enterprise Web site content for a long time without updates, visit the corporate Web sites users will necessarily be less and less, so the day-to-day maintenance of the Web site is a relationship to the site of important work life. The usual Web site-to make are:

Maintenance of Websites

(1)seo Company corporate information regularly updated according to the enterprise network management product of the actual situation, to determine the update cycle for information on the Internet, some websites information you need instantly updates every day, and most companies do not need so frequently, but must also be updated on a regular basis.

(2) the pages of the Web site for updates as an Enterprise Portal, the Web page formatting and layout are not hard and fast, because people cant always excellent, if Enterprise website image for a long time without updates, or you will lose part of the user.

(3) website integrity maintenance in an enterprises Web site building and was put into operation, Web site construction work and does not complete, you also need to modify the sound of constant in the future. A successful Web site or when you just build succeeded, but by Enterprise Web site staff long-term efforts in practical work for long-term accumulation, experience, innovation, and so on will.