Digital Marketing has revolutionized the advertising industry! Whether you are a marketer looking to start utilizing online channels, or you’re a civilian looking to become a savvier consumer, here are the three main types of digital ads to look for.

Web Banners

Web banners are perhaps the most omnipresent digital ads. They usually consist of an image, a message, and a call to action, like “click here.” These ads can be placed on nearly any website or app. While static images are usually used, animated gifs can sometimes be embedded to add a touch of motion and catch the eye.

Some digital ad-buying services offer geofencing or re-targeting which allow web banners to “follow” customers across the internet. For example, if you shop for a snow-blower on a hardware store’s site, you may find yourself being served an ad for it while you’re visiting another, non-related site, trying to compel you to reconsider and buy it.

Digital Ads

Pre-Roll Videos

Video advertising is just as effective online as on broadcast television. Its most common form is as a pre-roll, or short video ad that plays before another video. The video can be the same as a company’s television commercial, but a good rule of thumb is to keep its length under 15 seconds, so viewers don’t click away.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads

PPC ads are placed with the major search engines and allow our ad to appear at the top of the page when a customer searches a keyword or keywords of your choosing. As the name would suggest, you are charged each time someone clicks on it. This also provides the advertiser rich analytic data including when and where their web traffic is coming from.

All these digital ads are very effective if executed thoughtfully with good design and good messaging. The internet’s ability to target demographics and provide back-end analytics make it very worth the money!