Regardless of your business type or industry, you will be able to benefit greatly from setting up an m commerce solution for your business. Even if you provide delivery of services and goods, or pick-up from one of your storage facilities or shops, you can still create a great system that can be used by clients, staff, and business-to-business customers from a range of portable devices.

You can facilitate delivery, food, hospitality, utility repairs, sales person management, credit card integration (paywave, barcodes, QR codes), well known payment solutions (PayPal, Stripe, Square, Bitcoin).

Delivery Businesses Improved

One of the biggest benefits to an m commerce site is its ability to improve the speed and efficiency of any delivery part of a business. You can eliminate a lot of dead time by allowing clients to download any services or products instantly after they have paid for them. By providing them a number of multiple payment options and ways to quickly record information, you can facilitate a lot of trades on a face-to-face basis.

Some examples of where you can use this type of payment system are at trade shows, conventions, and other exhibitions, where your staff will be able to help interested people have access to your products and services by using their credit cards, debit cards, and other payment options. A number of modern technologies exist to make this possible. Smart phones and tablet devices equipped with a Paywave device will allow anyone to pay for goods and services with a pre-configured system that is set up and allows them to do this.

If you are scanning in items that your clients are selecting when they come to pay at the cashier, or if you are offering products and services online that clients can use coupons and discounts with, then consider using a bar code or QR code scanning system that makes it quick and easy for them to pay. Scanning is easier than entering really long numbers and also reduces the possibility of errors in data entry that can cause problems later on when it is time to account for discrepancies in numbers.

Food and Hospitality Integration

You can also integrate your m commerce solution with your restaurant point of sale solution. This will allow you to control all aspects of your business from a central location and it is so robust that you will be able to see how your table management influences your waiter and waitress efficiency, which in turn makes it possible for your kitchen staff to manage inventory, cook fresh and healthy meals, and also prevent problems in hygiene and food waste.

Also possible with an integrated mobile commerce system is a practical solution to the following common scenario:
– You are on the road and suddenly get a call from your head chef that a water main in the kitchen has burst. The water leak has been contained, but they need a plumber right away to continue running the restaurant. With an integrated mobile commerce solution you can sort all of these problems with a few button presses on your smart phone and contact your plumber to get an emergency service to seamlessly keep the business operating.