These rechargeable batteries with USB input can be used up to five times

Today we are featuring a Kickstarter project that could help to dramatically reduce the impact of rechargeable batteries, and batteries in general, on the environment. On the popular site crowfunding, in fact, the presentation of Lightors – this, the name of the project – is clear: every year we consume 10 billion disposable batteries, which – as you know – are highly polluting; the situation can be resolved easily with rechargeable batteries, of course: the point is that these batteries have the defect can only be loaded through a device rather inconvenient.

gadgetThe draft Lightors is to collect 15 thousand dollars for the production and marketing of AA and AAA batteries with the usual cable for charging and USB port; In short, what we use to charge your smartphone and tablet. The packet-based includes two batteries, and costs $ 8; the double of the batteries, however, is sold at $ 14: can be purchased two for each type, in this case, and therefore two AA and two AAA. If the project were to go through, also, shipments will begin immediately as well, namely in July.

This project is very interesting, although not the only one that we have seen the birth last year: Lightors, in effect, allows you to recharge the batteries up to 500 times before the end of the life cycle. It is a purchase we can not advise that, since the batteries are good, the price is low, and the main objective – namely, the protection of the environment – is worthy of praise (provided that this, of course, not is certainly a philanthropic society …).