Here is a photo Smartband Lenovo: Lenovo’s new bracelet was certified by the FCC

You know well by now, what we refer to when we talk about Lenovo Smartband: it is a wristband that provides information on biometric functions and other types of activities related to everyday life and to your smartphone that is associated with, each bracelet is other distinguished not only for its design and for the price, but also to these features that make it an excellent travel companion (if you are the guys who make physical activity : not justified the purchase, otherwise).

GadgetThe smartband Lenovo has been certified by the FCC, which means that soon we should attend the presentation and have the opportunity to understand what it is. It will be the usual bracelet or some nice surprises in store for us? According to these characteristics, it looks like so: if the price were to remain low, we will have a really nice device with features equally good; we immediately see the details:

  • Data on physical activity (calories, mileage and so on);
  • Wake up and sleep mode;
  • Heart rate monitor for battitocardiaco;
  • Notification calls and SMS;
  • Custom messages and reminders;
  • Autonomy equal to 7 days;
  • Other features: Windows 8 app, Android and iOS; Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 LE; IP67 certification for water and dust resistance.

In short, the conditions for success are there: we’ll see if Lenovo will be able to do it or if the market will prefer other solutions.