iTools a program which can be used and support almost all series of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It is freeware application and can be downloaded without spending any penny. With the help of iTools program we can manage various files of your device easily. It is one of the best applications for apple devices. The interface of program is users friendly. This application is also compatible with many devices like Samsung, Intel tablets etc.


iTools sports key

  • It is almost compatible with all versions iOS and iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.
  • Share the various files of audio and video between computer and phone.
  • Transformation of mp3 files into m4r.
  • Transformation of HD video files into mp4.
  • Equipped with lots of features which helps I’m managing various files.
  • The program is developed with intuitive interface.
  • It has easily understandable interface with drag and drop system.
  • It also formalizes additional framework components and documentation of these components.
  • It has batch processing system.
  • It includes additional tools which are rounding out the toolset.
  • Its updates improve the graphics and enhance the quality of graphics.

iTools program is designed and developed by itools expert in Hong Kong. It is mainly developed for mobile devices and tablets. It comes up as a substitute of native program iTunes. Experts are continuously improving the iTools but still iTools is in beta stage. Only English version of iTools is available presently.

In addition iTools help you in managing your device through a simple interface on your windows PC. You can backup your important data and information by using the application. You can also import your pics and restore and access them easily.

iTools is one in all programs that can make you in position where you can do much more activities. It is a complete tool for apple mobile devices users.¬† It has features of transforming HD quality video into low quality video and also transforms mp3 files into m3r format.¬† By a single click you can access your data, pictures and files easily. It has intuitive interface with drag and drop system which make the process of import and export simple. After reading the above information about iTools software users don’t require to church any manuals to use this excellent software.