Not long ago, the Internet entered the house to provide services that not even imagined. Now, we are witnessing the phenomenon called “Internet of things”, which is nothing but all everyday objects are connected to the Internet.

And today is that the network is able to reach everything. Who would have ever imagined your kitchen refrigerator could be connected to the Internet? It is a revolution that can still surprise more.

InternetThese advances automate everyday processes. Technology is advancing rapidly and we have to adapt to it and take advantage of the benefits offered by this development.

Smart devices, very present in the home

It is no longer just about mobile phone, now all objects are likely to connect to the Internet. A clear example of this are the new Smart TV with downloadable content and access to various social networks, among other things.

Another very clear is the power to control the lighting of the house from a smartphone. Having to be aware of the switches seem, before too long, unnecessary effort.

These are just two, but many more, as the brands of appliances put all their efforts to turn their products into smart objects that facilitate housework.

One aspect to consider in these devices is the Internet, which is that all (or most of them) are connected via wifi, which is a determining factor. And here is where the question arises, what Internet hire?

Mister comparison helps you choose

Mister comparison helps you decide. How? Showing you a single click the best among those with different telecom companies. This web VAT price, features, speed and other details appears very to consider the user feedback. And to know what others think like you do you decide on one or the other offer.

As if this were not enough, they also have a speed test to see if you hired the speed corresponds to the one you have, an important factor when many devices are to be connected in the home.

Ready to join the new era of technology?